Operation Substance - M.S Sydney Star

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Merchant Navy Painting Art Print showing the M.S Sydney Star at Malta by Marine Artist John Stewart


Carried out in the July of 1941, "Substance" was the first of the Gibraltar to Malta convoys and consisted of eight fast merchant ships covered by the ships of the Royal Navy's Force "H". On the 23rd, the convoy was attacked by Italian aircraft and despite the best efforts of the fighters from HMS Ark Royal succeeded in sinking the destroyer HMS Fearless. The next day an E-boat was not spotted before it had the opportunity to fire torpedoes at the M.S Sydney Star. Her cargo and 460 troops were transferred to the destroyer HMS Nestor but despite a hole of some 40' x 16' and a substantial list, the ship was able to limp into Malta.


John Stewart's painting shows the triumphant arrival of the Sydney Star as a memorial to all the gallant sailors of the Malta convoys.


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