Passing Calshot Spit - RMS Aquitania

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Cunard Ocean Liner Art Print - RMS Aquitania passing Calshot Spit


The second-longest serving liner ever built, the Aquitania was launched on 21st April 1913 in front of a crowd of 100,000 people. She was to make just two voyages before the outbreak of WWI and was then requisitioned by the Government who had planned to use her as an armed cruiser. She proved far too costly however and she was laid up until the Gallipoli campaign when she was used as a troopship. During her post-war refit she was converted to oil-burning and re-entered service with Cunard in 1920. During the twenties', she served with the other two great Cunard liners Berengaria and Mauretania, having re-fits in the late 1920s to improve passenger accommodation. In John Stewart's maritime art print, this Cunard legend is seen sometime in the 1930s passing the Calshot lightship

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