Rudenberg's Pfalz DIII

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Pfalz D.III - Jasta 10 - WWI Aviation Art Painting


The Pfalz DIII was an attractively streamlined design that was introduced in mid 1917. Similar in appearance to it's older cousin, the Albatros DV, the Pfalz DIII began to reach the front in August of that year. The first examples were supplied to Jasta 10 for evaluation, and for a time, that unit was one of only a small handfull of units to be supplied exclusively with the Pfalz DIII. Although it was not produced in the same numbers as the Albatros DV, the Pfalz DIII proved itself to be equal to the Albatros and was actually preferred over the Albatros by some pilots.


Shown here is the Pfalz DIII flown by Vfw Friedrich Rüdenberg of Jasta 10. The aircraft was marked with the chrome yellow nose, struts and wheel covers that were distinctive to that unit. Rüdenberg was one of two pilots who took off with Werner Voss on his fateful flight of September 23, 1917.


Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith. The image measures 17" x 10" while overall the print measures 19" x 13"

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