Snipe Fury - Sopwith Snipe

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Sopwith Snipe - WWI Aviation Painting Art Print by Russell Smith ASAA - Australian Flying Corps


Introduced into service during the final weeks of the war, the Snipe was Sopwith's final production aircraft to see service during the war. Featuring a 220 hp Bentley BR.2 rotary engine, cutout upper wing center section and double bay wings, the Snipe was a rugged aircraft that performed well in combat.


This particular aircraft, E8050, was flown by Capt. E.R. King of No. 4 Sq. AFC. King scored his final 8 victories of the war in this aircraft.


Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith. This image is 17" x 8.5" with an overall size of 19" x 12"

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