Sylvania at New York - RMS Sylvania

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Ocean Liner Art Painting Print of the Cunard Liner Sylvania by Marine Artist Robert G. Lloyd


As the last Cunard ship built specifically for the Atlantic crossing, Sylvania has an important place in the annals of both Cunard and British maritime history. She was one of four identical sisters and launched at the John Brown shipyard in 1957, being intended for both the U.K- USA and U.K-Canada route.


Sylvania was the last of the four completed with the class being considerably smaller than not only the pre-war Queens but also the Mauretania II.  Her Cunard career lasted eleven years, by which time the Atlantic route had all but ceased to exist and she had spent the last part of her life with Cunard as a cruise ship.


She would be sold several times in her life before finally being sold for scrap in 2004..


Robert Lloyd's Ocean Liner painting shows the ship leaving Manhattan with the distinctive Manhattan tugs in attendance. 

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