Testing a Thoroughbred - Hawker Hunter

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Hawker Hunter Prototype Aviation Art Print by Aviation Artist Neil Hipkiss AGAvA


The Hawker Hunter would go on to become one of the great successes of British aviation and have a service life of over fifty years. In 1951 however all this was to come and it was up to Hawker's chief test pilot, WWII ace Neville Duke to put the aircraft through its paces and show the RAF just what an outstanding aircraft it was.


Through dazzling displays, including at the Farnborough Airshow, the aircraft was taken into service in 1953. The aircraft would be modified and updated umpteen times in its life.


In this evocative piece by aviation artist Neil Hipkiss, the aircraft is seen being put through its paces, the graceful lines being of the aircraft already evident. 

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