The Line in Winter- English Electric Lightning

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English Electric Lightning 11 & 5 Squadron LTF RAF Binbrook Aviation Art Print Painting by Artist Chris French


The 'line' at RAF Binbrook in the mid 1980s during the latter years of service by the iconic EE/BAC Lightning interceptor.

The Lincolnshire airfield was often bitterly cold and the groundcrew had to keep these complex aircraft serviceable come rain or shine.

The painting is a testament to the aircraft, those who flew them and those who kept them flying.

This print has been produced with the full support of the Lightning Preservation Group who maintain two of these fantastic aircraft for fast runs and we have produced the prints in three editions:

Artist & 6 Signatories - Print no.1-50: Signed by the artist and the six ex-Lightning personnel below:


Lightning Pilot Jake Jarron, Officer Commanding 11 Squadron

Lightning Pilot Dennis Brooks, Officer Commanding Lightning Training Flight

Lightning Pilot John Ward, Chief Weapons Instructor

Lightning Chief Technician Roly Elliott

Lightning Chief Technician Derek Robinson

Lightning Engine/Airframe Technician Ian Tunstall

Artist & 2 Signatories - Print no.51-100: Signed by the artist, one Lightning pilot and one Lightning ground crew member from the above list


Artist Only- Print no.101-150: Signed by the artist only. 

THE PRINT IMAGE SIZE IS 22" x 13"  (56cm x 33cm)

THE PRINT PAPER SIZE IS 26" x 18" (66cm x 46cm)



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