The Next Wave - Blackburn Buccaneer Original Oil Painting

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Blackburn Buccaneers 12 Squadron Aviation Art Original Oil Painting by Artist Paul Couper AGAvA


Blackburn Buccaneers are seen here in their natural element - skimming both sea and ground at extreme low level.

The aircraft come from 12 Squadron RAF, one of the squadrons picked to utilise the aircraft after the failure to procure both the TSR.2 and the General Dynamics F-111. Initially not wanted by the crews as it was considered to be a 'Naval Type', the RAF went on to utilise the aircraft especially well in the maritime strike role, though it would be for its role in the 1991 Gulf War that it will forever be remembered. 

This is the original oil on canvas painting from which our prints are taken. It comes varnished, framed and ready-to-hang, measuring 34" x 28" (87cm x 71cm) overall. Could potential clients please contact us for a buyers pack.

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