Thunder Valley - Panavia Tornado

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Panavia Tornado GR.1 617 Squadron Aviation Art Print by Artist Graham Holme.


Mainstay of the RAF for over thirty years, the Tornado has been likened to the Britsol F2b of WWI and De Havilland Mosquito of WWII for its multi-role capability. The two main versions in RAF service were the F.3 fighter and GR.1 multi-role aircraft, with the fighter being superseded by the Eurofighter Typhoon in March 2011 and 142 GR.I being upgraded to GR.4 standard.


In this Aviation Art Print, Graham Holme shows two aircraft of 617 Squadron, which took the Tornado into service in 1983, adding the anti-shipping role to its capability in 1993 when the first GR.1B were delivered to the Squadron. 617 will use the GR.4 version, which was taken into service in 2000, until April 2014, when it is planned that the Squadron's personnel will begin training on the new Lockheed Martin Lightning II multi-service aircraft.

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