Typhoon Surge - Eurofighter Typhoon

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Eurofighter Typhoon Aviation Art Print by Aviation Artist Neil Hipkiss AGAvA


As the RAF's frontline fighter, the Typhoon has taken over twenty years to develop from the initial EAP prototype and in that time has grown to include ever-more sophisticated avionics. 


Due to these avionics, the Typhoon is able to do some outstanding manoeuvres  with a number of incredible effects resulting. One of these is depicted here. 



The aircraft comes from 11 Squadron, which re-equipped with the F.2 variant in 2006 and these were later replaced by the upgraded FGR.4 in 2012. Like so many of its illustrious forebears, the Typhoon has already been tested in action, aircraft from 3 Squadron providing the fighter protection during Operation Ellamy.

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