Wiscombe Park In The Downs

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Three-mast Sailing barque of the late 19th- early 20th century


The Three masted barque Wiscombe Park was built at a time when four and five-masted ships were more the norm. She was built in 1892 for G. Windrum & Co of Liverpool and sailed as a general cargo vessel right through the early part of the 20th century. The ship was one of the fortunate sailing vessels to make it through WWI and in 1918 was sold to Chadwick, Wainwright and Co, again as a general freighter.


In 1919 she was sold to the French company of Bureau Freres and named Edouard Bureau. By 1923 she was in need of re-fit and was purchased by the German Government as a training ship and renamed Grief . She was eventually scrapped in 1927 after sustaining damage and classed as beyond economical repair.


In John Stewart’s marine painting, the ship is seen in the downs with a steam cross-channel packet in the background.

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