McDonnell-Douglas F-15C Eagle


McDonnell-Douglas F-15C Strike Eagle Aviation Art Print by Graham Henderson GAvA

In the height of the Cold War, NATO secret services were not always aware of the potentially groundbreaking aircraft being designed in the USSR. In response to this McDonnell Douglas were given the task of producing an aircraft with such a superb performance that any aircraft that entered service in the Soviet Union would have an equal.

Developed within the FX Project, McDonnell-Douglas won the contract at the end of 1969 and the first prototype F-15A took to the skies in July 1972. Having entered squadron service in 1976 the aircraft has been continually developed with improved single-seat F-15C appearing with extended range, more payload and superior avionics. This is in addition to the twin-seat F-15B and F-15D/E Strike Eagles for the ground attack role.

Following in the path of the company’s legendary F-4 family, the F-15 has been sold to numerous Air Forces around the globe and will continue to be a highly effective fighting aircraft well in to the 21st Century.

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