London's Modern Rendezvous - Bleriot and Bristol Boxkite at Hendon

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Bristol Boxkite Bleriot Monoplane 1910 Aircraft Aviation Art Print by Artist Stephen Chard GAvA


Capturing the excitement and wonder of the era, this painting by Stephen Chard GAvA is based on the air meetings held before WWI at places such as Reims in France and as here Hendon in the UK. 

From the birth of flight in the UK, Hendon has had an extremely important role through being home to the Claude Grahame-White factory prior to and during WWI, then becoming the home of the RAF Pageants of the 1920s and 30s and since the 1970s site for the RAF Museum. 

In the peaceful time before WWI, two Bleriot monoplanes and a Bristol Boxkite are seen participating in an Air Race meeting. 

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