Malta Beaufighter - Bristol Beaufighter

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Bristol Beaufighter Aviation Art Limited Edition Print by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg

The Bristol Beaufighter came to fruition from an idea for a heavy fighter utilising design features and parts developed for the earlier Beaufort bomber / torpedo aircraft.

Not only did the Beaufighter go on to fulfil its original role exceedingly well but it also excelled in the anti-shipping role, equipped with a torpedo or rockets in addition to its heavy fixed armament of four 20mm cannon and six .303 machine guns. Later marks also carried radar in a 'thimble' style nose. 

Over Malta, the Beaufighter served in  both night fighter and anti-shipping roles.

Limited Edition Print of only 50 copies


Image Size : 17" x 11.75" (432mm x 300mm)

Overall Size: 20" x 15" (508mm x 380mm)

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