HMS Alacrity (F174)

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HMS Alacrity (F174)- Type 21 Frigate Pencil Drawing by Naval Artist Len Hutton


One of the first designs to be accepted for Royal Navy service developed by an outside contractor, the Type 21 Frigate was the responsibility of Vosper Thornycroft and Yarrow. HMS Alacrity was built at the Yarrow yard and commissioned in 1977, just in time for the Fleet Review by Queen Elizabeth II as part of her Silver Jubilee celebrations.


Alacrity sailed for the Falklands with others of the class and sank the Argentine freighter ARA Isla de los Estados before being damaged by a bomb on 1 May. Upon return she was repaired, however, like others in the class was found to suffer from cracking in its aluminium structure by the late 1980s. To remedy this, the ship was fitted with welded sheets running the length of the hull, enabling Alacrity and her surviving sisterships to carry on for a number of years.


Alacrity would be de-commissioned in 1994 and sold to the Pakistani Navy.


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