In Defence of the Motherland - MiG-3

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MiG-3 Russian Aviation Art Limited Edition Print -  by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg


Though the Polikarpov I-15. I-153 and I-16 formed the bulk of teh fighter force opposing the Luftwaffe in 1941 there were several more modern designs just entering service. The MiG-3 had evolved from the MiG-1 and in comparison with the earlier aircraft had a more powerful engine, new propeller, an additional fuel tank and refined aerodynamics. It was still equipped with light armament of 1x 12.7mm and 2x 7.62mm machine guns and was not an easy aircraft to fly but it was among the fastest fighters of its day and is today considered one of histories most important aircraft due the family of aircraft its manufacturers would go on to produce.


Our LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT of only 50 COPIES has an image size of 14" x 9.25.

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