South Atlantic Top Up - MDD Phantom FGR.2 and Lockheed Hercules

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McDonnell-Douglas Phantom FGR.2 Lockheed Hercules 1435 Flight Falkland Islands Aviation Art Print Painting by Artist Chris French


After the 1982 Falklands conflict it became imperative to provide the islands with a deterrent to further aggression and 29 Squadron with their Phantom FGR.2 fighters were deployed to the islands during 1982 before being re-numbered as 23 Squadron in  1983 where they remained until 1988 when the duty of air defence for the island transferred to 1435 Flight, also equipped with the Phantom FGR.2. 1435 Flight remain on the islands to this day, now equipped with four Eurofighter Typhoon.


To support these aircraft 1312 Flight was formed as an independent Air-Refuelling,air-transport and search and rescue flight equipped with the Lockheed C-130 Hercules. These aircraft were later replaced by VC10, which in turn have been replaced by a single Lockheed TriStar. 

Chris French's painting shows Phantoms from 1435 Flight refuelling from Hercules C.1 XV296. 

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