The Discussion - RAF RE.8


The importance of aerial photography and reconnaissance during WWI cannot be overstated. So much so that every nation built specific aircraft for the job. The RFC used three main types, the B.E 2, F.K 8 and R.E 8. The R.E 8, or 'Harry Tate' as it was affectionately known was typical of the types used by all combatants and before a mission a crew discuss what it is they are looking for with some 'Top Brass'


Medium: Gouache on watercolour board. Painted in 1996 (dated on painting). Exhibited at GAvA Exhibition then at Royal Aeronautical Society in London and subsequently in Paris with Les Peintres de l'Aire. 


Mounted and ready for framing. The o/a mount size 600mm X 800mm

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