I Shot An Arrow - BAe Hawk Red Arrows

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BAe Hawk Red Arrows Aviation Art Print by Artist Paul Couper GAvA


The Red Arrows aerobatic display team remain one of the finest in the field some 50 years after they were formed in 1964.

Initially equipped with Folland Gnats, the team spawned from the earlier Yellowjacks team of 1963 which had used the same aircraft. Later the team would transition to the BAe Hawk, standard RAF fast jet trainer from the 1970s onward. 

In years previous to the formation of the Red Arrows individual squadrons and the Central Flying School would often field their own aerobatic display teams, such as the 92 Squadron 'Blue Diamonds', 74 Squadron 'Flying Tigers' and arguably the most famous, the 111 Squadron 'Black Arrows'.

In Paul Couper's aviation art print we see a Hunter of the Black Arrows and Folland Gnat and BAe Hawk from the Red Arrows. 

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